Allergies & Skincare Ingredients Cheat Sheet

Now that Spring is in full swing, I thought this post would be appropriate. If you’re allergic to certain foods or chemicals, you likely already know which ingredients you need to stay away from. But just in case you don’t, I’ve compiled a list of allergens (common allergens and rare allergens) so you’ll be aware of which ingredients and products you need to avoid in your skin care. Clicking on the ingredient will lead to a list of products it’s found in so you can easily add the list to your “avoid” or “do not buy” list.

Please note: it’s the dose that makes the poison. As with any skincare product, make sure you patch test! It’s likely that these ingredients are used in such tiny amounts in skincare (like 0.1%) that they won’t pose any threat to your skin at all. The amount of processing an ingredient goes through before it’s in a finished cosmetic product likely makes it totally fine to use on your skin. Still, some people have severe contact allergies or even just sensitivities and need to avoid even the smallest amounts.

This list isn’t comprehensive and I will be adding to it from time to time. Also, obvious ingredients that are easy to spot won’t be added (like lanolin or fragrance, for example). Coconut allergy and coconut-derived ingredients are so widespread in cosmetics and skincare that it needs its own post!

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