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Maracuja oil is another name for passionfruit oil. Passionfruit oil can improve the look and feel of dry skin, but so do many other plant oils, this just happens to be having its “moment”, much like argan oil did before it.

Research suggests that passion fruit oil can inhibit melanin production in your skin when its linoleic acid component is mixed with S. terebinthifolius Raddi extract. Unfortunately, despite this awesome study being published and available to anyone for review, companies selling products with this oil rarely include them together. The effects are comparable to those of kojic acid.
Passion fruit oil has documented anti-inflammatory properties and, at least in animal tests (boo, animal testing), can stimulate the production of fibroblasts. It’s also a source of the antioxidant lycopene, found in tomatoes, among other fruits and vegetables. See also passionfruit extract and passionflower extract.

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