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sea whip extract

Extract from a creature that inhabits coral reefs, known for its anti-inflammatory properties (Source: Life Sciences, May 22, 1998, pages 401–407) and antibacterial properties (Source: Journal of Natural Products, January 2001, pages 100–102).

The Sea Whip (psuedopterogorgia elisabethae) extract was co-developed in the 1990’s by researchers at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California and the University of California San Diego. The scientific researchers found that the extract had outstanding anti-inflammatory compounds and was a powerful healing agent, as it neutralizes an enzyme in the human body that is responsible for irritation evident in skin sensitivity, sunburn and aging, as well as pain and swelling from acne.

According to a scientific paper presented in the International Society of Cosmetic Chemists Magazine (vol 12, no 1/2009), “Clinical study results…indicate that sea whip extract applied topically at even low concentration is more potent than bisabolol (extract from German chamomile) in treating cutaneous inflammation….These results therefore confirm restorative benefits of sea whip extract when used in topical skincare formulations targeted towards sensitive or irritated skin”.

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