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What is SkinCareDupes.com?

Skincare Dupes features skincare products and their alternatives.

What is a dupe?

A dupe or “duplicate” product, is a product that’s a cheaper alternative to or very much similar to another, often much more expensive product. This vernacular is often used in online makeup communities/forums and blogs.

What’s the criteria for a product to be labelled a dupe?

A dupe product (at least on SkinCareDupes.com) is so-called when the product has the same active ingredients as the original, when it works the same way and offers the same results at a cheaper price.

Where do you find out about these dupes?

SkincareDupes.com analyzes product ingredients, reads reviews and scours top cosmetic resources and posts all findings here so they’re in one place! But more importantly, SkinCareDupes.com relies heavily on readers like you to share dupes with other readers and vote. Additionally, I’ve written a script that can analyze the ingredients of two skincare products and spit out the similarity between the two by percentage.

Do you only look at Western skincare products for dupes?

Not at all, I love finding dupes in skincare products from Asia, Europe, etc.!

What’s the voting system for?

For every product posted, you’ll find a voting system in place where readers like you, who’ve tried both products mentioned, can vote on whether or not the product is as effective, offers the same formula and is cheaper than the original. After all, just because one person/beauty blogger/youtube vlogger calls a product a dupe doesn’t mean it is. We all have a different criteria for dupes.

Some readers prefer that a dupe simply costs less and has the same active ingredients, others prefer that the entire formula be exactly the same; most just want a product that claims to do the same thing but don’t really care about the ingredients or formula, as long as it feels the same and offers the same results.

Why do people search for skin care dupes?

Dupes in skincare are sought after for many reasons, the most common are when:

  • You love a product but don’t love the price and want a cheaper alternative
  • You love a product but it’s hard to find, sold out, not available, discontinued or can’t be shipped to where you live
  • You love a product but one or two ingredients don’t suit you or your skin for whatever reason (allergies, reactions, fragrance, feel, tests on animals, etc.)
  • You love a product or ingredient & are curious to find similar products with the same formula/ingredient that will give you the same results
  • You’re away from home (travelling, moved to a different country) and need a product you can buy locally that’s similar to one you love

Are you paid or sponsored by any one company to run this site?

Hahaha, no. There’s only one person behind SkincareDupes.com and I pay for server costs by displaying (non-obtrusive) ads and the use of referral links. Find out how you can support this site.

Why don’t you list product descriptions like other sites?

I find it’s easy to get wrapped up in the marketing and ad copy of a skin care product. In fact, I avoid reading or posting a product’s description entirely as it’s easy to become totally biased and read into the hype. I’m extremely skeptical of any skincare product claims and I prefer to focus on the ingredients and how they work together.

What are your credentials in running a skincare resource?

I don’t really intend this blog to be a resource, for that there’s Beautypedia, CosDNA and many other sites run by legitimate cosmetic scientists, estheticians, MDs, etc. that I use often as a resource. I do, however, have a science degree (in micro- and molecular biology), am a skincare product junkie. All that means is I’m literate and can read mind-numbing scientific journals and publications. 😀 I think that reading skincare ingredient labels is something everyone can do, it’s just like reading a foreign language and foreign languages can be taught!


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