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Aqua (Water), Polyethylene4, Butylene Glycol9, Glycerin5, Propylene Glycol2, Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol, Carbomer, Methylparaben, Potassium Hydroxide3, Sorbitol1, Quillaja Saponaria10 Bark Extract, Tetrasodium EDTA7, Limonene, Parfum (Fragrance6), Linalool, Dipropylene glycol, Citronellol8, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Cl 61570 (Green 5), Cl 19140 (Yellow 5)

Boots Botanics Cleansing Body Scrub

IngredientWhat it does
1sorbitola humectant moisturizer; product thickener; similar to glycerin with a gel-like consistency; creates a slippery feel
2propylene glycolsolvent; humectant; gives a product "slip"; helps "carry" other ingredients into the skin; also enhances the efficacy of preservatives
3potassium hydroxideAKA Lye is used in a tiny amount in skincare as a pH adjuster. Most commonly used in cleansers as a base for liquid soaps and in higher concentrations is a significant skin sensitizer.
4polyethyleneemollient; scrub agent; film former; stabilizer; binding agent; thickener
5GlycerinA humectant moisturizer; usually used as a base in (light) moisturizers
6fragranceFragrance in skin care is like spraying perfume on your face. Smells nice, but potentially irritating and damaging to your skin's acid mantle. Especially if these ingredients are high up on the ingredient list.
7EdtaChelating agents bind up trace metal ion contaminants in your water-containing cosmetic thus keeping the product microbe free for longer.
9butylene glycolsolvent; penetration enhancer; humectant moisturizer; in cleansing creams it dissolves dirt, avoids the product from drying too quickly during the removal stage & helps formulas spread better
10Quillaja saponariaplant with detergent & emollient cleansing properties, may have antifungal & antibacterial properties

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