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Su:m37 Time Energy Toner

Purified water, glycerin, Dipropylene glycol, Triethylhexanoin, butylene glycol, sweet almond seed extract, 1,2-hexanediol, Dimethicone, Maitake mushroom fruiting body extract, Maltodextrin, Lactobacillus/Ampelocissus Martini Fruit/Lavender Flower/Rosa Canina Fruit/Rosemary Leaf/Sage leaf/Thyme Leaf Extract Ferment Filtrate, Acetobacter/Aspergillus/Lactobacillus/Leuconostoc/pediococcus/Saccharomyces/Zygosaccharomyces/tangerine/Citrus Madurensis Fruit Extract/citron/apple/banana/papaya/pear/persimmon/watermelon/peach/plum/fig/quince/loquat fruit/apricot/date/pumpkin/chestnut/wild grape/ raspberry/ Momordica Grosvenori /goji berry/soybean/red soybean/Canavalia Gladiata/rice/barley/Adlay/Echinochloa Crus-Galli Seed/Setaria Italica Seed/millet/daylily flower/cabbage leaves/stem/ Morus bombycis/perilla frutescens/sweet potato/taro/Chinese yam rhizome/iridea laminarioides/ Kelp (Laminaria Japonica)/Nemacystus Decipiens/ brown seaweed/ Radish / turnip / carrot / burdock root / lotus / onion / Lilium auratum stem scales/licorice/grassroots/sesame/ginkgo nut/bear fruit/carrot seeds/ginseng/fruit of the silvervine/ Hericium erinaceum/plum/ Akebia Quinata Fruit/Japanese Hawthorn Fruit/Cornus/Longan Fruit/ Houttuynia cordata/mugwort/bamboo leaf/ground ivy/chamomile flowers/Horsetail/Cassia seed/Dandelion/Isodon japonicas/Safflower Flower/ Plantago asiatica/yacon/garlic/ginger/beet/Vietnamese coriander/turmeric/Oga tree roots/pine nuts/shiitake mushroom/auricularia mushroom/vitis rabe ruseuka fermentation helianthus tuberosus/potato fermentation extract, beta-glucan, panthenol, betaine, glycosyl trehalose, lime oil, rosemary leaf oil, grape leaf oil, hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, squalane, dipentaerythrityl hexa C5-9 acid esters, propylene glycol, hydroxypropyl ethyl acrylate/sodium acrylic co-polymer, glycerol acrylate, acrylic acid copolymer, carbomer, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate cross polymer, tromethamine, trisodium EDTA, mica, titanium dioxide, red iron oxide, polysorbate 60, limonene
Sum37 Time Energy Toner

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LG Su:m37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Refining Toner 5.41Oz/160Ml by Su:m 37

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LG Su:m37 Time Energy Skin Resetting Refining Toner 5.41Oz/160ml + Skin Resetting Softening Emulsion Serum, 4.4 Ounce 130ml Set and...

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