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Please credit this site with a link dupes

Please credit this site
Skincare Dupes was launched five years ago and so far, I’ve seen a handful of new sites that have tried to copy my “methodology”, pages on my site (and just slightly rewritten them), or copied an idea or design element (for example, UI or site icons from 201[1]4). I think every good site gets ripped off and I must admit, I got kind of upset about it (see tweet below) recently.

Many of these things were clearly outlined or discussed in a reddit post here, created five years ago. The community has nearly 1 million followers, so of course there would be at least a handful of developers looking for an idea.


All I ask, is that you link back to my site. If you take information, link to the original and give credit.

I do the same thing all over this site, and it takes literally a second.

To the people blatantly ripping off this site: I can see you’re too unoriginal to come up with ideas on your own. That’s okay. This site is one of a dozen or so I’ve created over the years and I’m excited to see more people interested in finding skincare dupes.

I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!

Ingredient Analysis
1. Ceramide Eop ( 1 ) Ceramides can help restore the skin’s barrier system; improves texture, reduces topical irritation, restores moisture

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