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Acerola fruit extract in skincare and cosmetics is considered an antioxidant due to its high ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) content. Acerola extract (sometimes listed as Barbados Cherry or Malpighia Emarginata) is also hydrating and said to enhance capillary strength. It’s unclear whether the source means when taken orally or applied topically. I think they mean orally, as this study done on ingestion of encapsulated fruit increasing skin microcirculation, also included acerola, as well as this clinical trial on an anti-aging skin supplement containing acerola. I’ve been unable to find any studies on acerola extracts topical effects on broken capillaries.

In vivo research on animals has suggested that a polyphenol concentrated extract from acerola taken orally may be effective in reducing UVB-induced hyper-pigmentation by inhibiting the tyrosinase in melanocytes.

In US patent literature, Amway Corporation discloses a “skin whitener composition containing acerola cherry fermentate” with other known skin whitening agents. They also have a patent on “method of increasing skin cell renewal rate using acerola cherry fermentate“.

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