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Non-irritating plant extract from the gourd family (think pumpkin) that’s often reputed to be useful for puffy eyes. Claims of cucumber having anti-inflammatory or soothing properties are anecdotal, as there is no research to support this contention.

However, there is research showing the lutein component of cucumber can have an effect on suppressing melanogenesis, or the process that leads to skin discolorations. Additional in-vitro research has shown that the constituents in cucumber can help protect skin against carcinogenic substances that cause tumors (Sources: Planta Medica, December 2008, pages 1,785–1,788; and Nutrition and Cancer, Volume 44, 2002, pages 66–70).

Most types of cucumber are composed of 95% water, with the most notable additional constituents being ascorbic acid (vitamin C) caffeic acid (an antioxidant), and the mineral silica plus other trace minerals. Like most plants, cucumber contains chemical constituents that have some amount of antioxidant activity. (Source: Natural Products Research, October 2010, pages 1,537-1,545; and Journal of Young Pharmacists, Volume 2, Issue 4, 2010, pages 365-368). Cucumber does not contain fragrant components known to be irritating to skin.


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