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ferulic acid

Ferulic Acid + Vitamin C + Vitamin E

Ferulic acid works synergistically to improve LAA stability by about 90% and vitamin E stability by 100%. A small amount, only 0.5%, achieves this. – Source

Ferulic Acid:

  • doubles the efficacy of vitamins c and e
  • protects skin against DNA damage, is anti-mutigenic
  • a potent antioxidant, providing photoprotection and effectively protecting against UV radiation


According to EWG, ferulic acid is also anti-microbial, absorbs UV light and is also used as a preservative.

A study done with 12 women showed that a topical antioxidant complex containing vitamins C and E and ferulic acid had potential photoprotective effects against acute photodamage in human skin.

What would have been more interesting is first, if the study had more patients, a sample of 12 women is just not enough. Second, I would have preferred to see ferulic acid studied against different types of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and even popular antioxidants high in vitamin C like acai or pomegranate. That would certainly put things into perspective. Third, the word potential is very telling.

Further reading
Enhanced permeability of ferulic acid loaded nanoemulsion based gel through skin against UVA mediated oxidative stress. – A study done on rats

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