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“Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis L.) is used to combat inflammation and infection. Its antibacterial activity in vitro has been attributed to its alkaloids, the most abundant of which is berberine” – Source, Planta Medica 2011 May;77(8):835-40. doi: 10.1055/s-0030-1250606. Epub 2010 Dec 14.

Goldenseal Phototoxicity

“Exposure to sunlight or artificial light sources emitting UVA should be avoided when topical preparations derived from Goldenseal or containing berberine are used.” SourceChemical Research in Toxicology, 2001 Nov;14(11):1529-34.

Goldenseal & MRSA infection

“Our results show that H. canadensis leaf extracts possess a mixture of constituents that act against MRSA via several different mechanisms. These findings lend support for the traditional application of crude H. canadensis extracts in the prevention of infection.” – Source Planta Medica 2012 Sep;78(14):1556-61. Epub 2012 Jul 18.

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