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Skin conditioning agent – one study showed this may have whitening & anti-wrinkle effects, according to the abstract.

Nelumbo nucifera extracts as whitening and anti-wrinkle cosmetic agent

February 2011, Volume 28, Issue 2, pp 424-427

Date: 26 Nov 2010
Water extract from Nelumbo nucifera was tested for possible functional cosmetic agent. Whitening effect was measured by tyrosinase inhibition assay and DOPA-oxidase inhibition assay, and anti-wrinkle effect was checked by elastase inhibition assay. DOPA-oxidase inhibition effect (whitening effect) of Nelumbo nucifera’s leaf, seed and flower extract was 59%, 57% and 50%, respectively.Nelumbo nucifera’s leaf, seed and flower extract showed 56%, 49%, and 54% elastase inhibition (anti-wrinkle effect) at 200 μg/ml, while adenosine indicated 26% inhibition. Water cream includingNelumbo nucifera’s root, leaf, flower, stem extract did not cause significant skin irritation. Water cream including 4% Nelumbo nucifera extract was stable for 30 days under various temperature conditions. From the study, Nelumbo nucifera’s leaf, flower and seed extracts showed strong possibility for whitening and anti-wrinkle functional cosmetic agent.
Supplier information on Nelumbo Nucifera
Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. (Nymphaeaceae), known as sacred lotus, is a well known medicinal plant. Nelumbo nucifera root contains pectin, galactan, araban,mucin.Mucilage is a thick, gluey substance produced by nearly all plants and some microorganisms. It is a polar glycoprotein and an exopolysaccharide.
Source: Dermalab
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