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Absorbs UVB rays;
Absorbs UVA2 rays; 320-340nm;
Helps stabilize other UV filters;
Absorbed by skin;
In 2006, a study found that octocrylene can increase skin’s photosensitivity to the sun, increasing free radicals. To what extent is unknown, so its use in sunscreen is questionable at the most. More information is needed;
FDA approved

Sunscreen agent that protects skin from the UVB range of sunlight (Source: Skin Therapy Letter, 1997, volume 2, number 5, ). It also helps to stabilize the UVA sunscreen avobenzone.

Like all synthetic (or “chemical”) sunscreen actives, octocrylene can be sensitizing for some people, particularly those who take the oral arthritis drug ketoprofen (Sources: Contact Dermatitis, March 2014, pages 193-204; and November 2011, pages 276-285).


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