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Cassia alata leaf extract is believed to have anti-aging, astringent and anti-fungal properties.

S. alata is often called the ringworm bush because of its very effective fungicidal properties, for treating ringworm and other fungal infections of the skin.

The Cassia species are also known collectively as winter’s bark. The species Cassia angustifolia, Cassia acutifolia and Cassia senna are common. Cassia alata is relatively uncommon.

The extracts of the plant Cassia alata generally contain substances from the group consisting of flavone derivatives, more particularly kaempferol and kaempferol derivatives, tannins, coumarins, anthraquinones and also free phenol acids, more particularly p-hydroxybenzoic acid. Its active ingredients include the yellow chrysophanic acid.

In one in vitro study, the effects and positive activities of the Cassia alata extracts contain a very marked stimulating, revitalizing and regenerating activity on the metabolism and hence anti-ageing activity apoptosis-inhibiting activity and hence anti-ageing activity and cell protecting effect against inflammation, particularly UVB-induced inflammation radical-trapping properties cell protecting effect against oxidative stress, particularly UVA-initiated stress proteolysis- and glycation-inhibiting activity.

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Google Patent on this extract

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