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Triticum vulgare germ oil

Odorless, amber colored oil. Emollient & skin conditioning with high vitamin E content, contains protein, vitamin A and D, lecithin and fatty acids components. May be anti-inflammatory.

Triticum vulgare germ extract

Extract from the germ portion of the wheat plant. In cosmetics, this ingredient functions  as a skin- and hair-conditioning agent. As its derived from wheat, it’s a source of the protein gluten.

Wheat Germ extract and skin lightening

  • Clariskin: wheat germ extract with glutathione and glutathione reductase as actives; divert melanogenesis to synthesize light-colored pigments, suggested concentration is 3-5%
  • “Clariskin”,  by Silab, is a tyrosinase inhibitor derived from wheat germ extract. – Source (patent)
  • ” […] a glutathione reductase inhbitor (e.g. wheat germ) or extracts thereof.” – Source (Avon patent)
  • Rejuvi is a company that features wheat germ extract in its skin lightening formulas.
  • Holistic composition and method for reducing skin pigmentation – Patent comparing the effects of different skin lighteners on a 3D skin model

What’s the difference between wheat germ and wheat bran?

Both extracts are used in skincare. Wheat is a seed. The germ is the part of the seed that will sprout and grow, whereas the bran is the outer layer of the seed.
The germ has a lot of natural (and essential) oil in it. The bran is very high in non-soluble fibre.

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