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When I moved abroad, I had to replace all my beauty products. I set about looking for dupes of some of my favorite skincare. I’d read blog posts from US beauty bloggers telling me this and that was a dupe, based on the product names alone, nevermind that the recommendations weren’t available where I lived. I knew it was really down to the ingredients, not the name, and I wanted to prove it.

My dupe finder tool works differently

I ran into a problem in the beginning. Ingredient lists are not at all standardized. I mean, they’re supposed to be, but they aren’t. They’re written in different languages, localized and many don’t follow rules set by International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). So I set about figuring out a way to solve that and created a matching system based on artificial and human intelligence. There is a secret sauce and it doesn’t rely on beauty product names.

Forget crowdsourcing, make up your own mind

You don’t need to rely on influencers, just your own literacy. I’ve created this dupe finder tool so you can compare your skincare yourself, based on your own criteria. Just because #bblogger Becky tells you one hot cloth cleanser is the same as another doesn’t mean it is. When you add a product, you’ll get a list of potential alternatives and the ingredients in common are all plainly visible. There’s no need to rely on an arbitrary match number alone.

There’s more transparency and you’ll see why there was a match and based on which ingredients. While other skincare dupe finder tools rely on searching product names for a match, you’ll have the benefit of over 650+ matching parameters and characteristics to back up the results.

Millions have saved on skincare

Over a million users have already found skincare alternatives to their discontinued or hard to find beauty products. has helped users just like you find great dupes since 2014. Since then, quite a few copycats have cropped up, but none of those sites will tell you why their recommended similar products or alternatives list matches the product you entered. Because there is no criteria. The way other sites work is by searching product names and descriptions, which you can do yourself.

Anyway, give it a try and tell me what you think!

Wishing you the best skin ever,

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