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CosMedix Cell ID Intensive Defense Serum

Aqua, Glycerin18, Sorbitol5, Phenyl t-Butylnitrone9 (Spin Trap)24, rh-Oligopeptide-113 (EGF), Copper Tripeptide25-1, Sodium Hyaluronate1 (L), Niacinamide14, Thiamine HCI, Pyridoxine HCl8, Ceramide2 3, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Juice, Phospholipids10, Carnitine (L), Squalane6, Yeast3 Extract (B Complex), Algae22 Extract, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Lavender16 Oil, Pogostemon Cablin (Patchouli) Oil, Shea Butter7, Corn Starch, Hydrolyzed Corn Starch, Hydrolyzed Corn Starch Octenylsuccinate17, Polysorbate 8027, Acetyl Carnitine23 HCl (L), Thioctic (R-lipoic) Acid, Ubiquinone4 (CoQ10), Adenine, Gluconolactone19, Phytic Acid11, Manganese Chloride15, Alcohol,Tocotrienols, Tocopherol (D-alpha), Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil26, Glutathione (L), Selenium, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin20, Xanthan Gum, Phenethyl Alcohol12, Caprylyl Glycol21, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate

CosMedix Cell ID

IngredientWhat it does
1sodium hyaluronateA humectant moisturizer; proven to boost skin's moisture content, reduce inflammation, have cell-communicating abilitites & help prevent moisture loss
2ceramidecan help restore the skin's barrier system; improves texture, reduces topical irritation, restores moisture
4ubiquinonemay have potential depigmentation effects; proven moisturizing antioxidant; reduces UV damage; stimulates collagen; anti-inflammatory
5sorbitola humectant moisturizer; product thickener; similar to glycerin with a gel-like consistency; creates a slippery feel
6squalanelight emollient veg oil, can be antibacterial & moisturizing; might break out some people
7shea butteremollient & occlusive anti-inflammatory moisturizer; contains allantoin, phytosterols, fatty acids & vitamins A,D&E BUT may break out some people due to its richness
8Pyridoxine Hclantistatic moisturizer
9Phenyl T-Butylnitroneantioxidant
10phospholipidsemollient moisturizers
11phytic acidantioxidant with moisturizing, deodorizing & chelating properties
12Phenethyl Alcoholfragrant ingredient with antimicrobial properties; preservative
14niacinamideProven healing antioxidant; stimulates collagen; some UV protection; reduces hyperpigmentation; anti-inflammatory; anti-acne; anti-rosacea
15Manganese Chloridemoisturizing
16lavenderMainly used for aromatherapy than skincare; mild antimicrobial/anti-inflammatory effects make it useful as part of a preservative system in a product; fragrance components oxidize on skin & can cause irritation
17Hydrolyzed Corn Starch Octenylsuccinateabsorbing, formula binding, film forming
18GlycerinA humectant moisturizer; usually used as a base in (light) moisturizers
19gluconolactoneserves as a skin conditioner/exfoliant (hydrolyses to Gluconic Acid) & chelator; also used as part of a preservative system
20cyclodextrinabsorbent & chelating agent; also used as a carrier vehicle for essential oils and other actives.
21caprylyl glycolAn alcohol, derived from a plant which is used as an emollient and coconut derived preservative.
22algaemarine compounds are emollient antioxidants; some claim to brighten skin; some are simply skin conditioners, known to be highly comedogenic, thickeners/emulsifiers in a product
23Acetyl Carnitinemoisturizer
24(spin trap)antioxidant which remains stable after reacting with a free radical; no human studies on this ingredient yet so its effects are all speculation
25copper tripeptideanti-inflammatory, antioxidant with regenerative properties. Effective in treating and repairing scars, aging skin and other skin and complexion issues. However, it must be formulated properly.
26(palm) Oilemollient skin-conditioner; antioxidant
27polysorbate 80depending on the product, this ingredient cleanses; emulsifies; lathers; makes products foamy/creamy & spread better

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