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Muldream Vegan Green Mild All In One Mask dupes

Water[31], Glycerin[32], Butylene Glycol[16], Macadamia Ternifolia[20] Seed Oil, Ceramide NP[26], Panthenol[27], Portulaca Oleracea[9] Extract, Angelica Gigas Root Extract[6], Bupleurum Falcatum Root Extract[5], Ophiopogon Japonicus Root Extract[4], Daucus Carota[19] Sati[15]va (Carrot) Root Extract, Panax Ginseng[33] Root Extract, Centella Asiatica[11] Extract, Camellia Sinensis[8] Leaf Extract, Madecassoside[11], Asiaticoside[11], Beta-Glucan[10], Sodium Hyaluronate[17], Adenosine[28], Betaine[34], Allantoin[29], Oenothera Biennis[13] (Evening Primrose[13]) Oil, Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil[24], Tromethamine[25], C12-14 Pareth-12[12], Sorbitan Isostearate[2], Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer[1], Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer[7], Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer[3], Caprylyl Glycol[18], Ethylhexylglycerin[21], Propanediol[14], 1,2-Hexanediol[22], Disodium EDTA[23], Fragrance[30]

Ingredient Analysis
1. Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer. a gelling agent that thickens, emulsifies, and stabilizes products and solutions. It is very easy to use in liquid form and provides a sensation of freshness followed by a melting effect on contact with the skin
2. Sorbitan Isostearate. Sorbitan Isostearate is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an emulsifying ingredient.
3. Glyceryl Acrylate/Acrylic Acid Copolymer. humectant moisturizer; controls viscosity in a product
4. Ophiopogon Japonicus Root Extract. Ophiopogon Japonicus Root Extract is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an moisturizing, toner ingredient.
5. Bupleurum Falcatum Root Extract. Bupleurum Falcatum Root Extract is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an moisturizing ingredient.
6. Angelica Gigas Root Extract. Angelica Gigas Root Extract is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an hair moisturizing, chemical hair straightening/curling, moisturizing ingredient.
7. alkyl acrylate crosspolymer ( Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer ) emulsifier that thickens & stabilizes formulas, makes it possible for a product to release the oils in it immediately when rubbing the product into the skin
8. green tea – polyphenols ( Camellia Sinensis ) proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory; can prevent collagen breakdown & reduce UV damage to skin. It is generally accepted that 5% green tea extract or polyphenols in the 90% range is an effective concentration in skincare products to produce these effects.
9. Portulaca Oleracea. may have anti-inflammatory or analgesic; humectant moisturizing properties
10. oat – beta glucans ( Beta-Glucan ) Humectant; moisturizes, soothes, calms irritation; anti-inflammatory; antioxidant
11. Centella Asiatica. antibacterial, anti-psoriatic, and wound-healing properties
12. C12-14 Pareth-12. C12-14 Pareth-12 is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an emulsifying, cleansing surfactant ingredient.
13. evening primrose ( Oenothera Biennis ) very rich & delicate skin-friendly moisturizing oil; anti-inflammatory & great for eczema & psoriasis
14. propylene glycol ( Propanediol ) solvent; humectant; gives a product "slip"; helps "carry" other ingredients into the skin; also enhances the efficacy of preservatives; controls viscosity
15. curcuma zedoaria ( Sati ) anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties, but can also irritate skin
16. Butylene Glycol. solvent; penetration enhancer; humectant moisturizer; in cleansing creams it dissolves dirt, avoids the product from drying too quickly during the removal stage & helps formulas spread better
17. hyaluronic acid ( Sodium Hyaluronate ) A humectant moisturizer; proven to boost skin's moisture content, reduce inflammation, have cell-communicating abilitites & help prevent moisture loss
18. Caprylyl Glycol. An alcohol, derived from a plant which is used as an emollient and coconut derived preservative.
19. carrot extract ( Daucus Carota ) Can have antioxidant properties, but it can cause dermatitis
20. macadamia nut ( Macadamia Ternifolia ) emollient oil similar in structure to sebum, said to be great for oily/mature/dry skins; the shell powder is used in abrasive scrubs
21. preservatives ( Ethylhexylglycerin ) Used as a preservative or enhances the efficacy of preservatives
22. Hexanediol. Hexanediol is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an solvent to dissolve things in a formula ingredient.
23. Disodium EDTA. preservative & product stabilizer; helps the topical penetration of active ingredients; chelating agent
24. flaxseed oil ( Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Oil ) soothing emollient moisturizer, but can cause an allergic reaction & may promote acne
25. Tromethamine. fragrance; adjusts pH; buffering agent
26. Ceramide NP. Ceramide Np is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an hair moisturizing, moisturizing ingredient.
27. Panthenol. humectant emollient moisturizer; anti-inflammatory
28. Adenosine. anti-inflammatory
29. Allantoin. considered an effective anti-irritant; an occlusive that temporarily helps protect from chapped skin or windburn damage; softens skin & exfoliates; also a preservative
30. Fragrance. Fragrance in skin care is like spraying perfume on your face. Smells nice, but potentially irritating and damaging to your skin's acid mantle. Especially if these ingredients are high up on the ingredient list.
31. solvents ( Water ) solvent
32. Glycerin. A humectant moisturizer; usually used as a base in (light) moisturizers
33. ginseng ( Panax Ginseng ) reduces photo aging and wrinkles, increases collagen production; emollient moisturizer; however, there are conflicting reports that ginseng is effective at all
34. Betaine. a humectant moisturizer; can enhance the texture and height of foam

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