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Noreva Trio White XP Anti-Dark Spot Care dupes

Aqua[21] (Water[21]), Caprlic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin[23], Isostearyl Isostearate[6], 1-2 Hexanediol[11], Acetyl Glycyl Beta Alanine[25], Cetyl Alcohol[10], Glyceryl Stearate[7], Hydrogenated Olive Oil Decyl Esters[3], Butyrospermum Parkii[16] (Shea) Butter, Peg-[27]75 Stearate, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer[4], Hydrogen[24]ated Olive Oil[5], Caprylyl Esters, Sodium Hydroxide[9], Tocopherol[19], Parfum[20] (Fragrance[20]), Chlorphenesin[12], Ceteth-[1]20, Steareth-2[1]0, Sodium Dehydroacetate[13], Xanthan Gum[22], Isomalt[26], Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Lactic Acid[17]/Glycolic Acid[14] Copolymer, Palmitoyl Sh-Octapeptide-24 Amide, Polyvinyl Alcohol[8], Hexanoyl Dipeptide-3 Norleucine Acetate[2], Palmitoyl SH-Tripeptide-5[15] Norisoleucyl SH-Nonapeptide-1, Citric Acid[18].

Noreva Trio White XP Anti-Dark Spot Care

Ingredient Analysis
1. cleansing/lathering OR emulsifying agents ( Ceteth- ) depending on the product, this ingredient cleanses; emulsifies; lathers; makes products foamy/creamy & spread better
2. Hexanoyl Dipeptide-3 Norleucine Acetate. a peptide that facilitates skin cell exfoliation
3. Hydrogenated Olive Oil Decyl Esters. Hydrogenated Olive Oil Decyl Esters is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an emulsion stabilizing, film forming, hair moisturizing ingredient.
4. alkyl acrylate crosspolymer ( Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer ) emulsifier that thickens & stabilizes formulas, makes it possible for a product to release the oils in it immediately when rubbing the product into the skin
5. Olea Europaea Fruit Oil ( Olive Oil ) occlusive oil; rich & heavy; used as a solvent & emollient
6. Isostearyl Isostearate. Isostearyl Isostearate is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an formula binding, emollient moisturizing ingredient.
7. glyceryl stearate SE ( Glyceryl Stearate ) self-emulsifying emollient & thickening agent, the higher up an ingredient list it is, the thicker the formula
8. Polyvinyl Alcohol. Polyvinyl Alcohol is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an film forming, viscosity controlling ingredient.
9. buffering agent ( Sodium Hydroxide ) a buffering agent (stabilizes pH)
10. fatty alcohols ( Cetyl Alcohol ) coconut-derived emollient moisturizer, emulsifies & stabilizes emulsions; thickeners; carrying agents; slightly waxy texture
11. Hexanediol. Hexanediol is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an solvent to dissolve things in a formula ingredient.
12. Chlorphenesin. Chlorphenesin is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an antimicrobial, preservative ingredient.
13. preservatives ( Sodium Dehydroacetate ) Used as a preservative or enhances the efficacy of preservatives
14. Glycolic Acid. Proven to reduce fine lines & wrinkles; hyperpigmentation; smooths, exfoliates & thickens skin; increases skin hydration & elasticity; good melasma treatment
15. Tripeptide-5. a peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin
16. shea butter ( Butyrospermum Parkii ) emollient & occlusive anti-inflammatory moisturizer; contains allantoin, phytosterols, fatty acids & vitamins A,D&E BUT may break out some people due to its richness
17. Lactic Acid. the most moisturizing of AHAs; whitening astringent; exfoliant
18. Citric Acid. mainly used as a cleaning agent & preservative; pH adjuster; in higher concentration it's an AHA (in peels & antiaging products)
19. Vitamin E ( Tocopherol ) Antioxidant emollient & occlusive moisturizer with proven effects: protects the epidermis from early stages of ultraviolet light damage; increases the efficacy of active sunscreen ingredients; reduces the formation of free radicals upon skin exposure to UVA rays and other sources of skin stress; reduces transepidermal water loss from skin and strengthens the skin's barrier function; protects the skin barrier's oil (lipid) balance during the cleansing process; reduces the severity of sunburn; preservative (if at the end of the list)
20. fragrance ( Parfum ) Fragrance in skin care is like spraying perfume on your face. Smells nice, but potentially irritating and damaging to your skin's acid mantle. Especially if these ingredients are high up on the ingredient list.
21. solvents ( Aqua ) solvent
22. thickener ( Xanthan Gum ) thickens/stabilizes the product; generally, the more thickening agents used in formulating a cream, for example, may enhance its stability, but can also cause difficulty in spreading.
23. Glycerin. A humectant moisturizer; usually used as a base in (light) moisturizers
24. Hydrogen. Hydrogen is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an antioxidant ingredient.
25. Alanine. Amino acids are used in moisturizers and emollients because they are thought to help penetrate the skin; have water-binding, antioxidant and wound-healing abilities
26. Isomalt. Isomalt is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an humectant moisturizing ingredient.
27. PEGs ( Peg- ) helps "carry" other ingredients into the skin; emollient; emulsifier; sufactant (cleans); solvent; the lower the number following, the more it can penetrate the skin; keeps products stable

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