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Sioris Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser

​*Prunus Mume15 Fruit Water (61%), Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil3 (10%), Water, Lauryl Glucoside4, Glycerin5, Isoamyl Laurate, Polyglyceryl-10 Oleate1, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Oleate, Cetearyl Olivate18, Aloe19 Barbadensis Leaf Extract13, Bioflavonoids9, Brassica Oleracea Italica16 (Broccoli) Extract, Propanediol, Allantoin14, Tocopherol, Sorbitan Olivate, Glyceryl Stearate6 Citrate, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid8, Arginine10, P-Anisic Acid2, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis17 (Orange) Peel Oil7, Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oil11, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Oil12 *Organic Farming

IngredientWhat it does
1Polyglyceryl-10 Oleatemoisturizing
2p-anisic acidplant-based natural fungicidal ingredient; pH modifier
3Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oilmoisturizing
4Lauryl Glucosidea non-ionic cleansing surfactant; has the slowest to disperse foam, compared to the other most commonly used alkyl polyglucosides (coco glucoside and decyl glucoside). Yields a more stable foam and its high viscosity is great if the product is intended to be thick
5GlycerinA humectant moisturizer; usually used as a base in (light) moisturizers
6glyceryl stearateself-emulsifying emollient & thickening agent, the higher up an ingredient list it is, the thicker the formula
7Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Oilastringent, masks the scent of other ingredients in a formula , moisturizing, toner
8citric acidmainly used as a cleaning agent & preservative; pH adjuster; in higher concentration it's an AHA (in peels & antiaging products)
9Bioflavonoidssoothing moisturizer
10arginineantioxidant amino acid; may be helpful in wound healing; also skin & hair conditioner
11Amyris Balsamifera Bark Oilfragrance masking
12Anthemis Nobilis Flower OilA moisturizer that also masks bad scents of other ingredients in the formula, aka makes it smell nice so you want to use it
13Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extractemollient moisturizing, humectant moisturizing, dental care, moisturizing
14allantoinconsidered an effective anti-irritant; an occlusive that temporarily helps protect from chapped skin or windburn damage; softens skin & exfoliates; also a preservative
15Prunus Mumehumectant skin conditioner with antioxidant properties. May be antibacterial.
16Brassica Oleracea Italicaone study showed this extract reduces the imflammation and cell damage caused by UV rays
17Citrus aurantium dulcisfragrant skin irritant; no topical benefits
18olivateDerived from olive oil.
19aloeemollient moisturizer with anti-inflammatory; antioxidant, & antibacterial qualities

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