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Ecco Bella Night Rebuilder Cream

Organic aloe19 barbadensis, organic sunflower oil6 helianthus annuus, caprylic/capric triglycerides, organic jojoba oil11, saccharide isomerate (water binding agent from sugar7), organic coconut oil1, glyceryl stearate12, glycerine21, VitaminCells: Soy lecithin9 liposomes with full-spectrum vitamin E4 with soy tocopherols & tocotrienols, vitamin C5 (ascorbyl palmitate17), astaxanthin16, betacarotene, lutein, lycopene8, zeaxanthin, CoQ10; ceramide2 3, organic extracts of gotu kola extract, centella asiatica14 extract, calendula20 officinalis extract15, matricaria chamomilla extract, arnica montana extract18, horsetail equisetum arvense extract; hyaluronic acid3, xanthan gum, essential oils of lavender10 lavandula angustifolia, rosemary leaf rosmarinus officinalis, geranium13 pelargonium graveolens. Preservative-free.
Ecco Bella Night Rebuilder Cream

IngredientWhat it does
1coconut oilemollient, hair conditioner, masking, skin conditioner, solvent - can be pore-clogging for some
2ceramidecan help restore the skin's barrier system; improves texture, reduces topical irritation, restores moisture
3hyaluronic acidA humectant moisturizer; proven to boost skin's moisture content, reduce inflammation, have cell-communicating abilitites & help prevent moisture loss
4Vitamin EAntioxidant emollient & occlusive moisturizer with proven effects: protects the epidermis from early stages of ultraviolet light damage; increases the efficacy of active sunscreen ingredients; reduces the formation of free radicals upon skin exposure to UVA rays and other sources of skin stress; reduces transepidermal water loss from skin and strengthens the skin's barrier function; protects the skin barrier's oil (lipid) balance during the cleansing process; reduces the severity of sunburn; preservative (if at the end of the list)
5Vitamin Can antioxidant proven to give you photoprotection by preventing oxidation & inflammation; boosts collagen production; can lighten hyperpigmentation if the concentration is high enough; also used as pH adjuster/buffering agent; fragrance ingredient
6sunflower oilOcclusive, emollient skin-friendly oil; can improve skin healing, due to linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid. Moisturizing, especially for dry skin & reduces inflammation & repairs skin's barrier. Combined with PEG- esters it's an emulsifier.
7sugarhumectant moisturizer; often used as a preservative substitute for glycerin
8lycopeneLycopene is a pigment that's used for its potent antioxidant properties in cosmetics and skincare.
9lecithinmoisturizing phospholipid; emulsifies & thickens a product; water-binder; mild preservative; penetrates skin well so is a great ingredient others can "piggyback on" into your skin
10lavenderMainly used for aromatherapy than skincare; mild antimicrobial/anti-inflammatory effects make it useful as part of a preservative system in a product; fragrance components oxidize on skin & can cause irritation
11jojoba oilmoisturizing skin-friendly oil (actually a wax) that limits oil production in skin; stimulates collagen; enhances skin's barrier repair properties & ability to heal from damage
12glyceryl stearateself-emulsifying emollient & thickening agent, the higher up an ingredient list it is, the thicker the formula
13geraniumthe oil is antibacterial and used as a fragrance but can be irritating, the extract is an antioxidant
14centella asiaticaantibacterial, anti-psoriatic, and wound-healing properties
15Calendula Officinalis Extractmoisturizing
17ascorbyl palmitateA moisturizing vitamin C ester, fat/lipid soluble, antioxidant and preservative
18arnica montana extractknown skin sensitizer & irritant
19aloeemollient moisturizer with anti-inflammatory; antioxidant, & antibacterial qualities
20calendulamay have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties
21GlycerineA humectant moisturizer; usually used as a base in (light) moisturizers

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