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Biotherm White D-Tox Translu-Cell Neo-Clarifying Renovating Lotion dupes

Aqua[25], Alcohol Denat.[16], Butylene Glycol[14], Glycerin[27], Methyl Gluceth-20[11], Peg-[28]60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil[6], Chlorphenesin[17], Salicylic Acid[12], Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate[13], Potassium Hydroxide[1], Tetrasdium Edta[18], Citric Acid[23], Glycolic Acid[19], Xanthan Gum[26], Terminalia Sericea[22] Extract, Sucrose Dilaurate[2], Capryloyl Salicylic Acid[4], Palmaria Palmata Extract[5], Polysorbate 20[21], Pisum Sativum Extract[7], Triticum Vulgare Germ Extract[3], Vitreoscilla Ferment[8], Mydrolyzed Prunus Domestica[10], Caprylyl Glycol[15], Benzyl Salicylate[9], P-Anisic Acid[20], Parfum[24]

Biotherm White D-Tox Translu-Cell Neo-Clarifying Renovating Lotion

Ingredient Analysis
1. Potassium Hydroxide. AKA Lye is used in a tiny amount in skincare as a pH adjuster. Most commonly used in cleansers as a base for liquid soaps and in higher concentrations is a significant skin sensitizer.
2. cleansing/lathering OR emulsifying agents ( Sucrose Dilaurate ) depending on the product, this ingredient cleanses; emulsifies; lathers; makes products foamy/creamy & spread better
3. Triticum Vulgare Germ Extract. Triticum Vulgare Germ Extract is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an moisturizing, skin protecting ingredient.
4. Capryloyl Salicylic Acid. Capryloyl Salicylic Acid is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an moisturizing ingredient.
5. Palmaria Palmata Extract. Palmaria Palmata Extract is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an skin protecting ingredient.
6. Hydrogenated Castor Oil. used as an oily base ingredient; with PEG it's a non-ionic surfactant and is used as a solubilizer for essential oils.
7. Pisum Sativum Extract. Pisum Sativum Extract is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an moisturizing, skin protecting ingredient.
8. Vitreoscilla Ferment. no proven topical benefits. In vitro studies show that it can help cells utilize oxygen better
9. Benzyl Salicylate. fragrance & UV light absorber
10. plum seed extract ( Prunus Domestica ) plum seed extract is used as an emollient, plum extract is used as an antioxidant
11. Methyl Gluceth-20. water-soluble liquid moisturizer & emollient; has moisture-binding properties; also a foaming agent
12. beta hydroxy acid ( Salicylic Acid ) induces exfoliation in oily areas of skin; oil-soluble so can penetrate pores to exfoliate inside; prevents clogged pores; mildly anti-inflammatory; higher concentrations help fade post-acne marks
13. licorice extract ( Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate ) anti-inflammatory; anti-allergic; the root has been proven to treat hyperpigmentation so its used in whitening products
14. Butylene Glycol. solvent; penetration enhancer; humectant moisturizer; in cleansing creams it dissolves dirt, avoids the product from drying too quickly during the removal stage & helps formulas spread better
15. Caprylyl Glycol. An alcohol, derived from a plant which is used as an emollient and coconut derived preservative.
16. Alcohol Denat.. Alcohol Denat. is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an anti-foaming, antimicrobial, astringent, that masks the scent of other ingredients in a formula aka masking, solvent to dissolve things in a formula, viscosity controlling ingredient.
17. Chlorphenesin. Chlorphenesin is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an antimicrobial, preservative ingredient.
18. Edta. Edta is used in skincare and cosmetics as a/an chelating ingredient.
19. Glycolic Acid. Proven to reduce fine lines & wrinkles; hyperpigmentation; smooths, exfoliates & thickens skin; increases skin hydration & elasticity; good melasma treatment
20. P-Anisic Acid. plant-based natural fungicidal ingredient; pH modifier
21. Coming soon! ( Polysorbate 20 ) Coming soon!
22. clusterleaf ( Terminalia Sericea ) anti-inflammatory and antibacterial
23. Citric Acid. mainly used as a cleaning agent & preservative; pH adjuster; in higher concentration it's an AHA (in peels & antiaging products)
24. fragrance ( Parfum ) Fragrance in skin care is like spraying perfume on your face. Smells nice, but potentially irritating and damaging to your skin's acid mantle. Especially if these ingredients are high up on the ingredient list.
25. solvents ( Aqua ) solvent
26. thickener ( Xanthan Gum ) thickens/stabilizes the product; generally, the more thickening agents used in formulating a cream, for example, may enhance its stability, but can also cause difficulty in spreading.
27. Glycerin. A humectant moisturizer; usually used as a base in (light) moisturizers
28. PEGs ( Peg- ) helps "carry" other ingredients into the skin; emollient; emulsifier; sufactant (cleans); solvent; the lower the number following, the more it can penetrate the skin; keeps products stable

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